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You have one or more holiday accommodations which you rent out, and you want to gain more return on investment, but it is not your core business. The trend in the private holiday accommodation market is that people want to do more and more themselves. Control over the process and over the guests staying in your accommodation(s) is more important. But, since you do not have much time besides your other activities, you cannot pay as much attention to your holiday accommodation(s) and bookings as you would like. Consequences are lower occupancy, double bookings and all the related stress.

The most important success factors in renting out private holiday accommodations are:

  • Number of bookings, the higher the occupancy rate, the higher the return on investment. A correct (online) marketing can help with this.
  • Perfect renting, double bookings cost a lot of money, and guests
  • Easy to rent without investing a lot of time
  • Low maintenance costs on your homes by checking who is staying in your home. (direct contact with your guests).

With the Top Bookings system you can positively influence the factors above. The system allows you to get much more return from your accommodation with little time. Simply by automating all the processes involved in booking your holiday accommodation and ensuring that the marketing of your accommodation is optimized. The Online Top Bookings system is equipped with the following functionalities:

  1. A free website (according to the Top Bookings standard, if we deviate from the standard, then additional work will be charged.) This site is fully optimized for Google. An example of a standard site is A standard site has the following functionalities:
    1. Clear and simple design
    2. Your accommodation is presented optimally
    3. Google maps, and YouTube movie per accommodation (optionally on or off)
    4. Unlimited number of photos per accommodation
    5. Online booking possible (can be switched on and off)
    6. Online Availability (can be switched on and off)
  2. Fully equipped online booking system that automates the entire booking process for you, and reduces the chance of errors to zero. The system includes the following functionalities:
    1. Entry system for your accommodation
      1. Enter and change photos
      2. Prices database
      3. Enter and adjust descriptions
      4. Route directions and reception information
      5. Generate a PDF with all information to sent to potential guests
    2. Managing and answering requests/bookings
      1. Automatically save guest data
      2. Full search function in contacts and bookings
      3. Enable or disable automatic bookings
      4. Enable or disable booking approvals
      5. Automatic correspondence storage
      6. Status information of requests
      7. Automatic updates of availability
      8. E-mail alert with requests or bookings
    3. Contact and guest management
      1. Full search function in the database
      2. Automatic history storage
      3. E-mail marketing tool connected to contacts and guests, for custom marketing actions
    4. Automatic email functions
      1. Automatic email with invoice at booking
      2. Automatic confirmation to external manager (if applicable)
      3. Automatic email with receipt of downpayment
      4. Automatic reminder for full payment
      5. Manual standard payment reminder
      6. Automatic email, with directions and voucher at full payment
      7. Automatic request for guest review
      8. Automatic email with request for guest information and possible flight information.
    5. Finances
      1. Management reporting possibilities
      2. Approve payments
      3. Signal payment arrears
      4. Create manual invoices
      5. Bloick invoice numbers
    6. Administrator
      1. Dedicated environment for the administrator
      2. A week before an arrival date, the manager will receive a reminder email

The Top Bookings system is an online booking system. This means that wherever you have an internet connection, you can access your booking system to process bookings, consult information or change the information on the site.

If you want to experience for yourself what Top Bookings can do for you, please request a free trial environment. Here you create your own site for your holiday accommodation and set up the online booking system. There is no better way to experience what Top Bookings can do for you.

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