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With Top Bookings we enter the travel market that is completely turned upside down by the rise of the new media.

The travel market is on the move. Information about the most exotic destinations is becoming easier to find. People are continuously fed with information and stimuli about the beautiful journeys, via the newspaper, TV, the new social media and of course their own network. Photos are easily shared, sites are exchanged, and there is a review about each location. As a result, people are already well informed before looking for the ideal accommodation. The role of the advisor is getting smaller and smaller and comes into the picture later if he comes into the picture at all (book directly with the owner). Actually, the role of the consultant is partly taken over by the (online) social network.

How do we deal with this in the travel world? Actually, we don't know very well. Certainly the established order largely sticks to the old strategy, above the line, to ensure that your name is associated with a good quality holiday. At the same time, there are all bottom-up initiatives that choose a niche in the market, and that offer a very specialized offering. Examples include bungee jump holidays, a snorkeling holiday on the Grand Barrier Reef, a holiday to a specific region such as Le Marche in Italy. These initiatives are often quite successful because they can be found on the Internet for very specific keywords and they can provide specialist information. However, they are quite limited in growth potential. In addition, there are the advertising sites for house owners who shoot up like mushrooms. Entering the holiday rental market is very accessible. The multitude of these initiatives certainly influences the business operations and success of all professional parties in the market.

Access to the travel industry has become easily accessible due to the rise of the internet. Both for intermediaries of holiday homes and owners. It is very easy to start a site with holiday homes, or to place a property on an advertisement site (,,, The marketing of these sites is also very simple through Google and also cheap for the niche markets.

One of the challenges that these specialized medium and large organizations have is organized growth, and internet organization and automation. There are many activities that only a few people have to do. This includes recruiting new homes, updating the site, entering new prices, processing requests, requesting availability, making confirmations to owners, invoices to guests, keeping payments and sending vouchers and directions. The turnover is often too low to properly invest in automation. This leads to a vicious circle.

Top Bookings has the perfect solution for these medium and large organizations. At a low cost you are offered a complete solution to structure and automate all your processes at once. You will notice that you have much more time for what will actually generate more sales, such as call back guests, Mail campaigns etc.

What does a professional user get when he starts with Top Bookings:

  1. A free website (according to the Top Bookings standard, if we deviate from the standard, then additional work will be charged.) This site is fully optimized for Google. An example of a standard site is A standard site has the following functionalities:
    1. Clear and simple design
    2. A maximum of 500 accommodations are presented (more is always possible)
    3. Google maps, and YouTube movie per accommodation (optionally on or off)
    4. Unlimited number of photos per accommodation
    5. Extensive real-time search functionality
    6. Online booking possible (can be switched on and off)
    7. Online Availability (can be switched on and off)
  2. Fully equipped online booking system that automates the entire booking process for you, and reduces the chance of errors to zero. The system includes the following functionalities:
    1. Entry system for your accommodations
      1. Enter and change photos
      2. Prices database
      3. Enter and adjust descriptions
      4. Route directions and reception information
      5. Generate a PDF with all information to sent to potential guests
    2. Managing and answering requests/bookings
      1. Automatically save guest data
      2. Full search function in contacts and bookings
      3. Enable or disable automatic bookings
      4. Enable or disable booking approvals
      5. Automatic correspondence storage
      6. Status information of requests
      7. Automatic updates of availability
      8. E-mail alert with requests or bookings
    3. Contact and guest management
      1. Full search function in the database
      2. Automatic history storage
      3. E-mail marketing tool connected to contacts and guests, for custom marketing actions
    4. Automatic email functions
      1. Automatic email with invoice at booking
      2. Automatic confirmation to external manager (if applicable)
      3. Automatic email with receipt of downpayment
      4. Automatic reminder for full payment
      5. Manual standard payment reminder
      6. Automatic email, with directions and voucher at full payment
      7. Automatic request for guest review
      8. Automatic email with request for guest information and possible flight information.
    5. Finances
      1. Management reporting possibilities
      2. Approve payments
      3. Signal payment arrears
      4. Create manual invoices
      5. Block invoice numbers
    6. Agents/Owners
      1. Agents and owners database connected to the accommodations
      2. Agents and owners can log in and maintain accommodation information and availability
      3. Agents and owners can log in and check booking statuses and print confirmations
    7. Managing multiple websites
      1. Automatic language recognition (with multilingual sites)
      2. Site is connected to guests so all correspondence has the correct website information
      3. Accommodations can be published on multiple websites with a single click
    8. Multi User
      1. Professional version can be used by 4 simultaneous users

In addition, the booking system is available online anytime, anywhere, making decentralized working very easy.

If you would like a full demonstration of the professional version, please contact us for an appointment.

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